A Fellow American (2019)

In 2018, a survivor of a shooting spree that took place in Boston in 1968 reflects on his experience and the persistence of gun violence in America.

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Adrian Atwood

Maintenance (2018)

A couple in distress seek support from old friends who aren’t willing to maintain the status quo.

Written and directed by: Adrian Atwood
Assistant Director: Emily Prescott
Director of Photography: Jon Brysh
1st AC: Jon Martinez & Taylor Pelletier
Editing: Adrian Atwood
Sound Design: Billy Wirasnik

Long Exposure (2015)

A landscape photographer’s peaceful hike takes a horrifying turn.

Written and Directed by: Adrian Atwood
Director of Photography: Adrian Atwood
Camera Operator: Jon Brysh
Editing: Adrian Atwood
Cast: Adrian Atwood, John Lynch

Process and Passion (2014)

A farm hand completes the task of culling an unruly rooster.
Filmed and edited by: Adrian Atwood

Filmed on iPhone 4

Gretta & The Gazer (2014)

Gretta discovers there’s something more fascinating than her new augmented reality headset, the Gazer.

Written and Directed by: Adrian Atwood
Director of Photography: John Ward
1st AC: Jon Martinez
Color: John Ward
Editing and VFX: Adrian Atwood
Original Music: Azwan

Other Credits

Fungus (2019)

A young woman (Hannah Heckman-McKenna) witnesses the collapse of society due to a parasitic fungal spore in this terrifying short apocalyptic horror film.
With Hannah Heckman-McKenna, Adam LaFramboise, Holly Schaff, Chris M. Farrell, William Campbell, Alexandra Derderian, Chris Morrill, Paul Carosi-Primes. Director of Photography: Adrian Atwood. Gaffer: Edmund Dondero. Makeup: Billy Coyne. Assistant director, second unit director and music: Chris Morrill. Sound Mix: Jonathan Gourd. “Sega Sunset” by Lorn. Produced, written, edited and directed by J.L. Carrozza.

Marriage Fit (2018)

“MarriageFit” 🎬 Logline: AI initiates an intervention to help reboot a stale marriage.
Actor, Writer, Director, & Producer Rob DiNinni | DiNksterDee Productions
Co-Director, Co-Producer: Jeffrey Palmer
Cinematographer: Adrian Atwood
Editor: Nick Sweetser
Animation: Robert Zweircan
Design: Tim Sullivan & Mike Schinnerer

Stuck on Someday (2017)

Ryan can’t convince herself to go after a job as a cartoon artist for fear of tarnishing the perfect dream she’s envisioned. By helping Bobby, a hoarder, clean house, Ryan learns to let go of the baggage that’s holding her back.
Producer: Lauren C. Brooks
Executive Producer: Marguerite H. Nocchi
Producer/Director: Emily Prescott
Cinematographer: Adrian Atwood
1st AD: Geoffrey Levesque
Sound Recordist: Fiona Howes
Sound Designer: David Carfagno

Honeysuckle (2012)

A disaffected and apathetic youth struggles with the repercussions of his deepening ennui.

Director: Tye Whipple
Camera Operator: Timothy Kerigan & Lindsey Van Dyke
Lighting Tech: Ryan Pollack
Script: Tye Whipple & Adrian Atwood
Editing & Sound Design: Tye Whipple
Boston Open Screen edit: Adrian Atwood