Adrian Atwood | Filmmaker, Cinematographer

I’m a digital filmmaker and cinematographer. As the founder of Trueshot Films, my mission is to support the work of others through the motivational power of moving pictures. I’m inspired by tradespeople, local food growers and groups that advocate for a more sustainable future.

My love of visual storytelling started as boy reading comic books and watching films with my father. I earned a BA in Communications from UMass Amherst with a focus in film production. My early work as an assistant editor with Hott Productions on the award winning PBS documentary Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America” was fundamental to my understanding of the creative process in the medium. Since then, I have has developed a broad skill set but I most enjoys camera work. I’ve shot for agencies and brands like 617 Media, StudioNow, Beryllium Pictures, Voyager, Sallie Mae, Building Engines and Castle Island Brewing. I have also performed as DoP, AC and Grip for regional independent films such as Stuck on Someday, A/S/L, Not For Resale and Marriage Fit. I’ve also provided video coverage for film events such as BUFF, IFFB and Boston Open Screen. I have directed and produced short independent films, including the micro-documentary “A Fellow American which received Best Documentary award at Waltham Film Factory fest.