These stills were taken during the capturing of FEV Tutor success stories. The administrators, teachers and students at these schools in Atlanta and Dallas expressed the ways that FEV Tutor’s online platform has lead to quantitative improvements in student performance.

I captured these interviews with minimal camera equipment. Because I was the sole crew member for these shoots, I felt it was important to make the equipment as easy to set up as possible so there could be a focus on the content.

I used a Sony a7III camera with a 50mm f1.8 lens, a Sony wired lav mic direct to camera, and an Aputure 628s light panel with diffusion. I prioritized shooting the interviews in locations with open space and interesting background that gave context to the content of the interviews.

I shot b-roll footage on the go, depending on each school’s class schedule. I approached the b-roll from a storytelling perspective. I wanted to give the viewer a visual journey around each school. The final videos are available below and at FEV Tutor’s Youtube Channel.