I try to get out of my editing cave and walk around my neighborhood as much as I can. On one of those treks, I came across the Norwood community garden just a few blocks from my apartment. I was instantly impressed and inspired by the abundance of the garden and the social bonds that it produced. I approached the organization behind it with the idea of producing a video that could be used to share with the community. I wanted to create something that would spark a viewer to be inspired like I was by this local project.

I collaborated with TogetherYes to “find the story” to tell about how the garden came to be, how people participate and what role it plays in the town of Norwood. I shot everything with my modest Sony A7sII kit on 3 different days in late August and early September. It was the perfect time of year, my favorite really. The plots were overflowing, the bees and birds and rabbits were reveling in the flowers and shoots. I chose afternoon for the interviews because of the angle of the sun at that time, and because most community members arrive after the work day.

I knew what portions of the interviews I wanted to use to tell the story and it came together smoothly. Then came the b-roll, of which I had more than enough. I got carried away each time I brought my camera to the garden. There was something eye catching everywhere I turned. In editing,  I got to play with all these images and hopefully share a sense of wonder with the viewer.

As of 2018, the garden is receiving attention from Norwood’s community access station and will be the focus of another segment.

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