Eric Frazer – Behind The Scenes Fashion from Eric Frazer on Vimeo.

I worked with Eric a few times in the winter of 2014, as a model for his photos. I offered to produce a video for him then, but it took until March of 2015 for it to take shape.
I asked a friend to be my assistant for a long day’s shoot, and together we shot on 4 Canon DSLRs: 2 5D mk2’s, a 7D mk1, and my backup Rebel t4i. For glass, we used Canon 17-44mm and 28-135mm lenses.

Luckily, there was some overlap between our gear and Eric’s and we had some fun swapping lenses over the course of the day. The beauty of the video’s images is due largely to Eric and his team’s design and lighting. It certainly made editing a breeze because it gave me such a huge volume of well lit and interesting material to work with. 

For more of Eric’s work, please visit 

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