Ian is one hell of an artist. A visualmancer, if you will. I met him during an employment stint at Brighton’s Cafenation. He managed the kitchen there, as well as the art displays in the cafe. Always friendly, always warm, he was great to work with and great to know. Luckily, he lives in the neighborhood, so it wasn’t hard to get a hold of him when I had the inspiration to shoot a video for him. I’d paid attention to his artwork through Facebook, and wanted to spotlight his work and practice my craft. 
   I interviewed him in his studio, and shot some b-roll while he painted there and at a live paint event in Allston, Ma. The primary camera was my Canon t4i, backed up by the versatile iPhone 4s camera. The audio was captured on Ian’s iPhone 6. Lighting consisted of one softbox kit as key, and for fill, a work lamp that Ian had in his studio. 

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